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Install Powerline Network Adapters without Neighbor Interference

Install Powerline Network Adapters without Neighbor Interference

Q: I want to use powerline networking to link my computers. But how do I avoid interference from my appliances that use the powerlines? Also, I live in an apartment. Will other people in my building be able to tap into my network?

A: Powerline networking uses adapters that allow networked devices (PCs, gaming consoles, etc.) to plug directly into wall outlets and send data over your home's electrical wiring. But powerline networking operates on a different frequency from AC current. (Electricity in the United States runs at 60 Hz, whereas networking data travels in the megahertz range.) And, powerline networking operates at lower voltages than the 110-volt AC waveform.

Most appliances won't affect powerline networking, especially since nearly all powerline devices now include frequency-hopping technologies to mitigate interference. Depending on how your house or apartment is wired, neighbors could theoretically plug a compatible powerline networking device into their outlet and be on your network. That's why all powerline networking gear either requires pairing via physical buttons on each device, or includes an optional encryption scheme, similar to that used with Wi-Fi, that will prevent anyone from jumping on your network -- even if you're on the same circuit.

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