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Send the gifts to your colleagues in Valentine’s Day

Send the gifts to your colleagues in Valentine’s Day

How many times have we heard a colleague or a friend go off on a tangent about Valentine’s Day being a marketing gimmick, promoted by companies to arm-twist unsuspecting lovers into parting with their hard-earned money? Sounds familiar? It’s almost like it’s the fashionable thing to say now-a-days.

What could have brought about this radical change in personality over something as inconsequential as a material gift? Can we blame the global firms for this? Do they govern our thoughts and our sense of reasoning or should we, as human beings, be in control of the choices we make? The last I checked, it was this ability to logicise that truly makes us human.

We so easily blame a day for making a mockery of love, yet we don’t think twice when we exalt a material gift as a trophy and ultimate proof of the very same emotion. Hypocrisy at its most hypocritical.

So yes, let’s not blame a day on the calendar. Instead, let’s try and love everyday, so that one day in the history of the future world, and through my rose-tinted glasses, Valentine’s Day won’t have a significance.

And on a lighter note, there are two real-life lessons. One: Love doesn’t have a day; it’s either there — omnipresent and omnipotent — or it isn’t there at all and nothing can be said or done to bring it — not even the retailers. Two: It’s OK to gift; because the corporate gifts makes you and your colleagues happy — not so that the companies of the world don’t win.

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