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Do You Really Know Father's Day?

1. The origins of Father's Day are actually pretty tragic, depending on who you ask
There are a couple of different Father's Day origin stories out there, but one report is that Father's Day takes inspiration from a large memorial service held in 1908 that commemorated the lives of a large group of men killed in a mining accident in West Virginia in 1907.

2. Father's Day was inspired by Mother's Day
Anna Jarvis, inspired by her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis' activism to educate young mothers about health problems like tuberculosis, was already working to make Mother's Day a holiday in 1908. Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman living in Spokane, Washington, believed that if mothers got a day of recognition, fathers deserved one too, and began pushing for a Father's Day campaign of her own. Originally, she wanted to celebrate the day on June 5, her father's birthday.

3. Father's Day didn't become an official holiday until the 1970s
President Richard Nixon was the one to officially recognize Father's Day as a holiday in 1972, although Woodrow Wilson had also approved of Dodd's efforts in 1916 and worked to make it a more widely accepted and celebrated occasion.

4. It's a global celebration
Today, Father's Day is celebrated in more than 60 countries around the world. However, depending on where you live, you might not celebrate it the third Sunday in June. For example, Father's Day in Australia is the first Sunday in September.

5. It's still not as popular as Mother's Day
Nothing against all you incredible dads out there, but as far as numbers go, Father's Day still falls behind Mother's Day. According to the Greeting Card Association, it comes in fourth place behind Christmas, Valentine's Day, and

So there you have it! Mark your calendars, and use this opportunity to squeeze in a little online shopping at work and send a gift. Dads are kind of the greatest for a number of reasons, and you want yours to know it. Of course, if you want to send him a quick text message now to tell him how awesome he is, I'm sure he wouldn't mind that it's coming a few weeks early.

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