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Last-Minute Gifts? This Service Finds Them For You

It’s crunch time for last-minute holiday shopping, with tough decisions looming for procrastinators and those hunting for the right gift for the ‘forgotten’ (like your boss). But what would you actually get your boss? What do they even like?

If you’re not interested in braving the stores, or settling for a few gift cards, you’ll have to spend time browsing through marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, or Target. But what if the shopping could be done for you, powered through personalized recommendations for things your recipient might actually like?

That’s where Alyce comes in - an AI-powered gifting platform.

Procrastinators Rejoice

In as soon as 15 minutes, Alyce promises to recommend the perfect gift to give using publicly available social data. The company could be hitting a sweet spot with the low time investment necessary. Once enrolled with the service and a recommendation is made, the only thing that needs to be done is filling in the name and email of the recipient (which stays completely anonymous until you send their gift).

Personalization Depth
Alyce allows business gifters to brand cards, boxes, and the entire experience, which is a unique differentiator. In branding the delivery experience, it allows the gifter to associate their company with the gift, making it more memorable without needing to stamp a dreaded logo on the gift itself. When was the last time you kept a branded mousepad? After all, 9 times out of 10, corporate swag never sees the light of the day.


There’s lack of flexibility when giving someone a gift. Sure, you can try your luck with regifting, but usually you get what you get and that’s final. Alyce puts a different spin on it by allowing gift recipients to accept, exchange, or donate gifts - their pitch is that a gift never goes wasted and is always utilized. And for a gift to be used, it needs to be … useful. Even if the recipient can’t accept due to corporate policies, it can still be donated.

Where Amazon is Still King

It’s hard to challenge the depth of Amazon’s catalog and trust associated with the brand. Amazon Prime also commands roughly 60 million global users who are taking full advantage of expedited delivery, especially now.

Through AI, Alyce is pioneering a new category for the way gifts are delivered and maximizing the impact potential. Keep an eye on this space as more players are sure to emerge.

Tel: +65 3158 6052

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