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Everything you need to know about Power Banks

Everything you need to know about Power Banks

Power Banks or portable chargers are a hot new trend in the promotional products industry.

They make the perfect corporate gift or a great addition to a sales incentive program. With all the buzz around chargers, their safety and compliance, you need to feel confident in the products you’re buying.

Did you know that…?
- The average person checks his/her phone 110 times a day!
- The average smartphone battery lasts less than 8 hours!
- The average person spends 2.7 hours a day on their phone just for FUN!

Here is a quick primer on the key attributes of power banks and how our product range can offer peace of mind.
What are Milliamps? Mili Ampere hour (aka Milliamps, aka mAh) measures the energy charge that a battery will hold and how long a battery will run before the battery needs recharging. Most smartphone batteries range from 1400 to 2800mAh, while tablets range anywhere from 4000mAh up to 12000mAh.

What is “output”? Output defines the total amount of amperes (A) that the device can release. For most smartphones, 1.0A is sufficient and will charge at the fastest possible rate. For tablets, you need a minimum of 2.0A to charge at the maximum rate.

Power Banks are a very popular technology promotional product with a high-perceived value and a practical use item. Ideal for charging mobile phones, tablets, cameras, GPS, Bluetooth speakers and headphones etc… In addition solar charges are also now available with rechargeable lithium batteries that will charge a smart phone and other small electronic device. Solar charges are an ideal product for technology savvy people constantly on the go!

Power Banks make a great promotional item in this technology dependent world.

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