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A Quick Guide on Corporate Gifting

While gift giving is an important part of doing business in today's multicultural environment, it helps to understand the laws around corporate giving and the company's policy prior to assessing what gift to give.

In cultures where building relationships is critical for doing business, gifting is appreciated e.g. Russia, Japan. On the other hand, cultures where businesspersons rely less on relationships while making decisions, gifts are not expected, e.g. Australia, USA and UK. In many cultures, expensive gifts are viewed suspiciously; even mistaken for bribes, which can spell trouble for the gift-giver and taker. When gifting, consider the following tips:

Food: Chocolates, cookies and exotic fruits are universally accepted gifts which can be shared by the recipient's colleagues in his/her department.

Corporate gifts: Desk accessories, pens, t-shirts and business cardholders with the company's logo embossed on them are popular gifts.

Meals/events: A meal at a fine restaurant, concert/play tickets or tickets to a sports event are acceptable gifts.

Socio-business: While fresh flowers are ideal, consult the local florist regarding which type to send. If your business partner enjoys fine wines/ alcohols, carry a bottle to their home or get it delivered directly.

Taboo: Sharp objects, handkerchiefs and wall clocks are best avoided. Personal gifts (e.g., perfume/jewellery) or those that need taking care of (e.g. plants) are inappropriate.

Declining: In some cultures, declining before accepting is considered appropriate. For e.g., in the US, they say "You shouldn't have...", whereas in Japan and China, its' customary to refuse the first few times. If you have to decline a gift, do so tactfully.

First, speak with the giver to thank them for their thoughtfulness, and then explain your inability to accept their gift. If the giver doesn't take the gift back, inform your boss/HR manager and keep it in their custody.

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