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FAQs About Giving Gifts in the Workplace

Do I have to give a holiday or other gift to my boss or co-workers?

Although workplace gift-giving should not be considered mandatory, many people and businesses do exchange gifts, especially during the holidays. But I am a firm believer that gifts should be given to honor an existing relationship, not with the intention of hoping to establish a new one. I am completely against giving holiday (or other gifts) at work to try and win your boss' favor or make up for poor performance on the job.

The greatest gift that you can give to your employers and co-workers is to be an exemplary employee year-round. It is the day-to-day way in which you do your job and treat people around you that matters most to your employer.

Before selecting a gift, ask yourself what message does the gift (and the reason for giving the gift) convey about you? The right gift should show that you cared enough to give an appropriate and thoughtful gift out of appreciation and respect.

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