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How Can I Build Good Client Relationships?

In today's business world of strong competition in the marketplace, it's especially important to build good client relationships. Of course, having the corporate gifts or services the clients want and need at attractive prices goes a long way in pleasing potential customers. Yet, many clients today also appreciate companies in which they feel genuinely appreciated and respected.

Having a polite and pleasant attitude at all times may seem like an obvious way to build good client relationships, but it’s easy to sometimes lose patience with clients. You should always delay speaking with or emailing a client if you feel like you may respond in a snippy or sarcastic manner. If you can't put the communication with the client off, try to have someone else speak with the client and then follow up yourself as soon as possible.

Following up on any client complaints is automatically done by many companies today. If companies don't follow through on making sure their customers are happy, many clients will take their business elsewhere. But not all businesses follow up on positive comments by customers or take time to check on customer satisfaction before complaints occur.

A great way to help build good client relationships is to listen to the customer before things have a chance of going wrong. Short client surveys and customer appreciation cards with room for comments and suggestions can not only help the business avoid possible problems, but they also show customers that the firm cares about them. Positioning your company as one that truly listens to its clients can build good client relationships.

Listening to clients shouldn't just be something that is done in writing. All staff members that interact with clients in person should be trained to make eye contact and allow the client to speak before they respond to the client. Many companies monitor telephone conversations with customers to ensure that both parties are being treated respectfully.

Netiquette is another area in which care should be taken to relate well with clients. Make sure that emails are answered promptly and offer clients the choice of telephone or email communications. Corporate gifts are nice ways of showing client appreciation. Gift-giving can help build good client relationships by showing customers they rate a gift.

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