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How to Overcome Cultural Differences at an International Company

Cultural differences can have a huge impact a professional career as certain actions can change perceptions of an employee.

An employee cannot plead ignorance when working in a multicultural workplace as one should strive to embrace the cultures in the office and learn about them. There are plenty of ways that you can thrive in the international business setting just by being open to learning about new people as well as places.

The following are some tactics that will help overcome cultural differences at an international company.

The best way to become an expert multicultural employee is by educating yourself. When in a new place you are going to have to experience many things before understanding the culture of your fellow employees. Something as simple as taking a few minutes to learn about cultural norms or practices can have you looking like an expert in a matter of weeks.

Coworkers will appreciate the effort you are making to learn about their culture so you might get a free pass if you make a mistake. Many people find it disrespectful to not make an effort to learn about their cultures so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Communication is of the utmost importance in international business. The language barrier is something that can stunt growth when working with an international company. The ability to speak various languages gives you the ability to work in more places around the world. Communication with clients is also extremely important as expectations have to be clearly set.

The tone of a statement or even the body language something is said with can completely change the meaning to certain cultures. Germans speak loudly when sharing ideas while the Japanese speak softly. This can save you from being considered the loud American if doing business in Asia.

The formality of communication differs from country to country. Some countries are laid back in their approaches to communication as they like to build relationships while others just get right to business. Australians place a lot of emphasis on building relationships so thwarting small talk before getting to business can give off the wrong idea.

Even the gifts that are given should be monitored as it might be frowned upon to send corporate gifts. Always you are side with sending conservative gifts when unsure how your client will receive it. Don’t send boring corporate gifts which make sense businesspeople are known to be relaxed.

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