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What Are the Different Types of Promotional Bags?

Promotional bags are a common item handed out at conferences, conventions, or other events for advertising purposes. Tote bags are some of the most common since they are inexpensive to make, and are fairly easy to screen print in order to display the name and logo of a company. Some firms will also hand out small promotional backpacks. Or, if it is necessary to just hand out a small number of items or papers, sturdy plastic promotional bags may be used. These are very cheap and are easy to order in bulk.

Tote bags, similar in style to reusable shopping bags, are a favorite choice for promotional bags for many different types of events. They are easy to buy in bulk, and many different companies are able to screen print information onto them, such as the corporate logo or the dates of the event. If only a limited number of bags are needed, it may be possible to have a few creative employees do the screen printing themselves, since many things can just be ironed on. Sometimes the promotional bags are the gift in themselves, and sometimes companies choose to fill them with other items such as pens, keychains, or literature and brochures relevant to the event.

Promotional backpacks are similar to the tote bags mentioned above, though these may be a little more expensive. These are sometimes given out at college fairs, for example, or events with a more active or outdoorsy focus. These may also be able to be customized, but it usually must be done at the time of manufacture. These are typically simple drawstring backpacks. Some companies will give employees a promotional messenger bag or duffel bag instead, but these are not as common as backpacks because they tend to be more expensive.

Plastic promotional bags are another option, though these are less eco-friendly since many people will probably just throw them away after the event. For events where a very large number of people are expected, and each person needs to receive specific printed materials, durable plastic bags can be an economical solution. They can also usually be customized at the time of purchase and are easy to purchase in bulk versions. Opting to purchase heavier plastic bags, such as those with reinforced handles, might encourage people to hang onto the bags and use them again rather than simply throwing them out, thereby increasing visibility.

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