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6 Tips and Ideas for Corporate Gifts This Holiday Season

If the idea of buying holiday gifts for your friends and family isn’t enough to send you into a tailspin, there’s the added pressure of trying to figure out what to buy for those you work with. With so many rules–both written and unwritten - it’s all too easy to make a corporate gift-giving gaffe. But, with some thoughtfulness and a little planning, it is possible to give just the right gift to just the right person.

Remember, gifts are a form of communication in the same way as what you write and what you say. Give clients, employees and colleagues gifts in line with your organization’s values and standards, and keep in mind that what you give directly reflects your judgment and professionalism.

Sure, you could always give a gift card, but they can feel too impersonal. The trick is to balance thoughtfulness and appropriateness. Here are some tips for giving corporate gifts that strike that balance, along with some suggestions to help inspire you:

1. Everything in moderation: If you have a great relationship with a client, you might be tempted to go overboard during the holidays.

2. Card them. Believe it or not, a gift isn’t always appropriate in the workplace. If you’d like to show your appreciate for your boss at holiday time, give him or her a card instead of a gift. Personalize the card by hand-writing a note that says how much you’ve enjoyed working for them, and leave it at that.

3. Tech never goes out of style. There are cool new devices coming out all the time, but tech gifts are most coveted during holiday time.

4. Be a good sport. A sports-related gift shows that you recognize something the recipient is passionate about outside the office walls, says Silber. You can give the gift of licensed apparel or, if you know the sport but not the team the giftee roots for, something more generic related to the sport itself.

5. Don’t get too personal. When giving gifts in the workplace, there’s a fine line between choosing something the giftee will appreciate and getting too personal. So while everyone always appreciates a gift card, in certain situations it can feel too impersonal. The flip side of that is making sure to stay away from gifts that can be construed as being sexist. So, for example, Farley thinks that cashmere sweaters for your assistant are way too personal. In fact, avoid jewelry and avoid clothing altogether.

6. Food is a safe bet. Food gifts are always a great idea. Whether it’s a wonderful bottle of wine or a really unique box of chocolate, food is almost always well received. But be mindful of food allergies or restrictions.

In the end, it’s the act of gift giving itself - and not the gift itself - that will be remembered and appreciated.

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