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How Much Should You Spend on Business Gifts?

It’s great to give something back to those who helped make your business a success. Whether around the Holiday season or during any other time of the year, choosing gifts for employees, service providers, clients and customers can give you an awesome feeling.

But let’s not forget practicalities. The big question is: how much should you spend on business gifts?

That depends, first and foremost, on:
how much is in your gift budget;
how many recipients are on your gift list; and
who is on your list and their relationship to you and your business.

There are also other considerations, such as religious beliefs around Christmas. For example, does the recipient even celebrate Christmas? Rather than being tone deaf and giving a Christmas gift, perhaps a New Year’s greeting card would be more sensitive. See the discussion about business gift giving etiquette for more about such issues.

Some corporations and organizations have policies stating the value of gifts their employees are permitted to receive. Any gift above that value may have to be refused or returned. Let’s break down the “how much should you spend on business gifts” question into steps.

Step 1: Establish Your Overall Gift Budget
Step 2: List Your Gift Recipients
Step 3: Choose Your Amount Per Recipient

Tips or gifts for service providers are also customary, but are a somewhat special case. The expected amount varies widely depending on your location, how long the service provider has been working with you and some other factors. And again, your budget must also be a factor.

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