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8 Ingredients for Awesome Promotional Gifts

It’s no wonder that promotional gifts for clients are so popular. Promotional gifts are a $2.2 billion industry according to the Promotional Products Association International.

Corporate gifts have the power to please clients and prospects by showing you’re thinking of them. Done well, they also make your business more memorable. They help convey what your brand stands for - be it playfulness, creativity, productivity or something else.

There’s certainly a place for simple swag - such as a coffee mug showing your product and a cute saying, or a reusable tote bag with your brand logo on it. Swag is great for trade show giveaways. But the promotional gifts that really make an impression on me are those that go beyond the standard branded promotional items.

A marketing gift for clients to remember your company by can be distilled down to some concise pointers. When it comes to developing ideas for promotional gifts, consider these eight guidelines:

1. Create Something Unique
2. Make it Thicker than an Envelope
3. Give the Recipient Something to Do
4. Make it Relevant
5. Let it Be Creative and Classy
6. Include Your Logo
7. Pick Something that Lasts
8. Put in Special Effort

Finally, you don’t have to spend a ton of money - and probably don’t want to, as pointed out above. But if it is something you spent some effort to create, your promotional gift is more likely to stand out.

Here’s the point. If this is the year to make a splash by giving a memorable marketing gift, follow these eight guidelines. By taking the time to develop something unique and memorable, you serve your business well and honor your loyal customers. You also impress sales prospects.

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