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Anticipate Needs and Desires

When a small-business owner manages to anticipate needs and desires and makes premium gifts in response, doing so leads to tremendous opportunities for increased consumer engagement and loyalty—even when you charge more. Starbucks has done a tremendous job introducing new, healthier food options, including yogurt, fruit and granola.

It might be difficult to give up strategies and advertising gifts that led to your success, but it’s imperative to do so when it’s clear that the corporate gift offerings have run their course

Remember that it’s not about you, it is always about your customer. We are in business to serve the needs of others, and when we do so, we prosper. If we can anticipate needs and fulfill even the unstated wants and desires of consumers, we can command a premium. Watching and listening for corporate gifts your customers are likely to want is the key to innovating rather than following the herd. You have to also be willing to cut your losses and diversify your efforts so as not to get caught on the wrong side of a BIG bet.

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