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The Art of Corporate Gift Giving: What to Give and What Not to Give

To give or not to give? Should you or shouldn’t you? There are a lot of questions and fine lines surrounding corporate gift giving. When it comes down to it though, the first rule of thumb is that the gift should always be optional, without any pressure on either person.

There’s definitely pressure involved when it comes to corporate gift giving, however. And it’s in the gift ideas. It’s not like buying for your best friend or partner when you know exactly what makes them tick; corporate gift giving involves guidelines and definite dos and don’ts.

With bigger corporations, buying a gift can be even harder because chances are – you don’t know everyone in your company really well. Hence why it’s best to buy for people you interact with more on a daily basis. Pay attention to small conversations, their likes and dislikes and don’t be afraid to ask around too. To ease the corporate gift giving process, here’s a few ideas on what to give and what not to give.

(1)DO Give Simple, But Significant
(2)DON’T Give Over the Top
(3)DO Give something that’s Considerate
(4)DON’T Give a Gift that’s too Personal
(5)DO Give a Group Gift

If your cash flow isn’t looking too crash hot, consider pooling money for a group gift. This is an especially great idea if you want to buy your boss a gift or if a valued work colleague is leaving. Group gift giving helps to take the stress out of finding something, and it safeguards you needing to spend more money than you can afford.

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