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What Not to Do When Sending Business Holiday Cards or Holiday Gifts

As the holiday season approaches, businesses across the country are trying to decide whether to send out holiday cards or holiday gifts. Many regard this tradition as an essential part of business etiquette and networking.

For others, holiday cards or holiday gifts may seem like a waste of time or money. But sending out holiday cards or holiday gifts can be a productive use of resources, as long as it’s done effectively and appropriately. Depending on their goals, companies may choose to send cards to clients, customers, business partners, investors, and employees.

Sending holiday cards or holiday gifts to customers and clients is a great way to show you care, but it also reminds them of your business or services so that, as the next year comes around, your company’s name is already in their mind. Distributing holiday cards is a great way to retain clients and keep customers coming back.

On the other hand, many businesses use holiday cards to reach out to investors and business partners. These cards are typically nicer and focus on fostering a deeper relationship.

Instead of trying to keep a customer coming back to your business, sending out a holiday cards or holiday gifts to partners and investors means you’re thanking them for their continued support and showing you value their partnership.

Holiday cards are also a great way to signal employee appreciation. A personalized note shows each employee matters to you, and to the success of your business. They can also do wonders for boosting morale and creating a positive work environment.

While sending out a holiday cards or holiday gifts can be useful for client outreach, networking, or employee appreciation, there are many aspects companies sometimes fail to consider. And making a mistake in any of these areas can turn a kind thought into a nightmare.

Be sure the holiday card exchange works for your business, not against it.

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