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Stay True to Your Company Mission

One of the most effective ways companies can stay ahead of marketplace changes is to be clear about what they stand for.

Businesses that get out in front of changes are the ones that last, and one of the best ways to do this is to be clear about the company’s purpose. Taking a proactive stance that clearly states what the company stands for attracts customers who are interested in greater corporate gifts than just sales transactions. When a business communicates its true purpose beyond making a profit, it will attract and retain loyal customers who are more impervious to premium gifts and market conditions.

Dryden points to the outdoor clothing company Patagonia and their 2012 message to customers to take back the holidays and focus on family and friends rather than gift giving. “When retailers across the country were releasing advertisements to convince people to buy more, Patagonia encouraged their customers to buy less. The company encourages sustainable behavior, and the customers love that about them. Not only do Patagonia’s customers trust the company, but many are also loyal, vocal advocates. People want to invest in brands that have gifts similar to their own.”

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